Tradition und Handwerk

On the traditional still, which was handmade from pure copper, Friedrichs Gin is distilled slowly and particularly carefully. Through this very special distillation, the distillate is finely catalyzed. This gives Friedrichs Gin its exceptionally mild taste.

Since juniper has been distilled over this copper still in Steinhagen since 1766, Friedrichs Gin takes the line of successful products "Schlichte Urbrannt" and "Original Schlichte Steinhäger" into the modern age.

All good things are THREE.

Friedrichs Gin Herstellungs-Prozess


The juniper berries

The well-selected juniper berries are filled into the juniper crusher. Then they are macerated in fermentation tanks (mixed with yeast and water) and fermented for several days. The resulting juniper berry mash is then distilled over copper, resulting in the purest juniper spirit.Maische wird anschließend über Kupfer destilliert, wodurch reinster Wacholderlutter entsteht.


The botanicals

The selected botanicals such as curaçao peel, licorice root, rosemary, orange blossom and coriander are mixed and carefully macerated (prepared with alcohol and water).


The final

The juniper spirit created from the distilled juniper berry mash is distilled together with the herbal macerate and alcohol over the unique traditional equipment, the special gin copper still, and then reduced to drinking strength. This harmonizes the juniper note with the other botanicals. Distillation over pure copper provides the mildness of flavor.