Friedrichs Gin

In 2015, Friedrich Schwarze, along with the master distillers from Germany´s oldest juniper distillery, had the idea to create a truly unique gin using the Steinhäger distillation method: Friedrich´s Gin- a genuine innovation in the gin market. They use juniper not only for flavoring but also for distilling the alcohol, refining it with local and exotic botanicals to create a true personality.

Friedrichs Gin range

In addition to the new Bartenders Choice and our Premium Dry Gin, the Friedrich´s product range includes fruity gin liqueurs.


On the traditional copper pot still, meticulously handcrafted from pure copper, Friedrich´s Gins are slowly and carefully distilled. This unique distillation process finely catalyzes the distillate, giving Friedrich´s Dry Gin and Bartender´s Choice an exceptionally mild flavor.

Friedrichs Gin recipes

How about your bartending skills? Prove your taste and skill with our delicious drink recipes from the Friedrichs collection.